Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Daytrip in The Berkshire's

Grabbing a coffee and heading out to visit the beautiful Hamlets of the Berkshires
The Berkshires have not disappointed as they are full of art,music,theatre and most of all stunning nature.
First stop on my list today is to a small farm just west of Williamstown.
Cricket Creek Farm. What a delight to find a beautiful little farm store full of fresh milk, fresh bread and best of all homemade Maple Granola and maple syrup.
Hope Brian isn't reading this - Fathers day is coming

Making my way to the charming town of Lenox
Home of the Boston Symphony for the summer at Tanglewood
Of course this is the one summer James Taylor will not be here - Go figure
My destination did not disappoint. The Haven Cafe Bakery
I did not hesitate to order an extra Almond Orange croissant
along with Huevos Rancheros

A perfect gem of a spot to watch a bike race- WHAT 
Even though I am enjoying my day I can't forget my
My  #1 goal  
Make sure Brian gets his new bike- so I order another coffe and contemplate that..
Be prepared to enjoy good service and the owner might even break into a song.Delightful 

After a walk thru the town 
I made my way up to Mt Greylock
Of course asking the most obvious and silly question
"Can you tell me how to find  the Appalachian Trail?"
Ok - not good at geography- I was on it 

After a walk I headed back to Williamstown to
my now new favorite Bistro/Bar for a little 
Truffle Popcorn with Brown Butter and a crisp glass of wine
at Mezze

What a beautiful day.
I am happy I can share it with you 
and hopefully one day you will get to see the beautiful Berkshires
and stay at The Inn on East Main Street .