Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nantucket Stroll Eat Drink and Very Merry

Christmas Stroll on Nantucket 
Was magical
The Grey Lady gets dressed up
for Christmas 

Storefronts decked out in Christmas lights
Trees and even light poles
Shopping for greenery off a surfboard 
Only at Stroll

ACKceptional shops to make your 
Holidays fashions dazzle
Classical,Cashmere,Nantucket Reds
(with A Christmas Twist) and
Vintage to bring in the old with the new

Eat Drink and Be Merry
Stroll in to BOHo for a Bay Scallop Roll
Sip on a Mule at Ventuno
Made by Nantucket's favorite Bartender
And Social Media Guru Holly

The lights shimmer off the water in this faraway Island
The twinkle in the eyes of young and old
 as bright as the stars in the sky
are a sight to be hold

And then he appears
It is true
He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf
As he arrived in the Cutter
I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself


And as quick as they 
came and spread spirit to Nantucket
Like down on a thistle 
The Ferry was loaded and all could be heard
was the whistle
All the Strollers were gone - out of sight
Good Time was had by all- 
Merry Christmas to All To all a Good Night

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Twas The Night Before Stroll

Twas the night before Stroll
Off to Nantucket I go
Shirts and Shorts left behind
But pACKed my Fur Stole

The Inns are all dressed from head to toe
In Holly and Ivy peeking through the snow
Christmas lights will glisten
on the cobblestone beneath
Even the Brant Point Lighthouse has a wreath

Santa arrives by Coast Guard Cutter
I am sure a sight to see
And in the center of town
a Magical Tree

 I travel this weekend to not only ignite the holiday spirit for myself but spread it to guests that will be staying at  The Sherburne Inn.
I look forward to creating memories for others through my hospitality and cooking but more importantly:
I look forward to experiencing the magic of this Faraway Island
To see the giant wreath on the lighthouse as we round the harbor, to see the boats, their masts all aglow with bright shining lights and colorful trees.
To experience the heartfelt joy that the locals will spread as they share their food,their crafts and their island with myself and the many that come to Stroll.

Let The Adventure Begin

The Nantucket Stroll is here

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving : From Potatoes to Prayers

In this season full of thankfulness and sharing, I am thankful there are creative people who don't mind sharing. Paul Gauche is not only an amazing pastor,a friend and fellow Pacific Northwesterner ,Paul also has a golden spoon and ability to Cook From Memory . His lessons for the kitchen are fun, functional and bring joy to anyones Thanksgiving kitchen.

I am happy to share this with you and wish you a 
Happy Thanksgiving from my blog to your home.

Thanksgiving: Start To Finish (Pretty Much…)

Once again, here it is: the “Step-By-Step-Start-To-Finish” Thanksgiving Feast beginning with the shopping list and rolling right through to the nap at the end.  Recipes included here are for the
Roasted Turkey
Fresh Cranberry Relish
Green Bean Casserole
Sweet Potato Gratin
Sage Dressing
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Give this a look and, if you wish, a try.  Make changes, create alternatives, have fun!
Pastor Paul Gauche created this so that his son,who was making his first Thanksgiving meal away from home could share with his friends.
It is all here from Potatoes to Prayer 
Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, November 22, 2013

Too Busy to Notice

Sometimes we come across a letter, a blog or an article
that just needs to be shared.

Suzanne Perkins Newman , founder of Answers For Elders  
wrote this compelling letter that I felt needed to be shared

My heart is hurting tonight
November 16, 2013 at 9:41pm
This afternoon after a glorious weekend with a dear friend, I headed to the grocery store to stock up for the following week ahead. 

As I went to the check out stand, there she was.  An elder woman, likely in her 80's.  She was stooped over, and caressing her grocery cart with the few groceries she obviously carefully selected.  Her clothes were well kept, even though they were not new.  Her balance was not steady, and as she attempted to unload her cart onto the conveyer belt, I reached out and lent her a hand. 

The grocery checker, a young woman, likely in her early 20's, was so busy not to notice her.  She just went on about her business, as the woman braced herself against the border of the checkout stand to sustain her stand.  Each step she took, was made with a lot of thought and deliberation, as to not fall.  Each action that was taken, took an eternity in the young checker's world, and thus, she appeared a bit annoyed at the old woman who stood before her presenting her wares.  

I stood behind only to watch this young checker have a complete disregard of an elder who had lived out her years and who was struggling to maintain her independence.  My mind wondered about her life, and I watched her reach into her old purse, grab a billfold likely from the 70's, and open up her check book. In addition she proudly presented three coupons, that obviously she deliberately had products in her cart to provide a 10% off coupon to reduce the amount, easing the pain of a fixed income she was likely on.  

As she presented them, the checker barely noticed her.  She said- "Those expired 2 days ago."  She went on about her business, charging the woman full price.. "That will be $89.00"  The young girl then just sloughed it off, moving directly on to me without a second thought, leaving the old woman alone to fend for herself to pay the bill and get herself, her groceries, and her unstable body out of the door.  

There was no call for assistance to help her.  
There was no special exception made to honor the coupon anyway.  (Was it REALLY that much trouble for a large national chain to extend a 10% discount on just three items for a senior?)
What would it have taken to for the checker to just pay attention.  To provide a smile, and do what she could to ease the burden the woman was carrying?

But most importantly, sadly I realized that it is simply a symptom of how the world has become.  A cold and careless disregard of those who are vulnerable.   My heart breaks for what this woman had to deal with today, and what really may be the reality is that she just might be used to being treated that way, that she doesn't give it another thought.

I walked out the door after checking out, and noticed staff standing by the door giving out free sushi roll samples, and yet they could not do one thing to help a woman who was vulnerable.  Somehow this store, and sadly the world has a very strange sense of priorities.  

I walked to my car and unloaded my groceries, and as I sat down, my mind flashed back to the days I took care of my mom.  I remember how hard it was, and just how unfairly she was treated by so many, and as my thoughts went to so many situations, I began to cry.  

The caregiver for the elders in my life is, and will forever be a part of me.  I came home and called the store manager, and even though he claimed he would address it, there was a part of me that only knew he was giving me lip service.  

Sadly the world is too busy to take notice.
The world will turn, we will continue to age, and more and more will be forgotten by society. 

As we go into the season of giving, sharing and caring
we often are to busy to notice .... 
It could be my Mother, Your Mother 
Just Human Kind .. Take Time to Notice

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cashmere and Cocoa

The leaves are dancing in the air
falling lightly on the ground below

The wind is whistling through the trees
clearing the limbs for a blanket of snow

Inside, we dress the house for holidays
Candlelit rooms all aglow

With the weather turning cold
What warms you?

Cashmere to wrap up in?
Cocoa in front of a crackling fire?
Cashmere and Cocoa

The touch of warm hands entwined,
laughing, sharing and rekindling.
Nothing is more important than warmth
during this season of reconnection.

 What wraps my heart up 
with more warmth than
 cashmere and cocoa
The infectious smile of a child

As the season of Sharing comes upon us
Remember to share your warmth with others
Rekindle your love of being warm, inside and out
Take time to see a child smile..
Wrap up in Warmth

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Those Who traveled the Roads of The Berkshires

As I traveled through the Berkshires this summer
My thoughts often went to those who
had traveled these roads before me.

As I drive along Historic Route 7
In Beautiful Vermont, I pass
The Summer Home of Lincoln

The Stone cottage of Robert Frost
and the quaint village of Arlington,Vt
where Norman Rockwell would find
locals to sit for his paintings.

As I get closer to Lenox, MA
long before Tanglewood
Herman Melville and Nathaniel Hawthorne
would take long walks and discuss life
as they both wrote amazing literary works
"Moby Dick" and "The Scarlett Letter
As they meet at Monument Mountain,
they would picnic and share thoughts.
Just Imagine those conversations

But not to be out done
Edith Wharton built the "Mount"
and wrote such books as
The Age of Innocence and The Buccaneers

The solitude and the beauty of the Berkshires
creates a background that makes one want to
discover the words of these Great Americans

What books have you read that have been
influenced by the Beauty of the Berkshires?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

SeaBags,Bracelets and The Berkshires

Well What a summer it has been
Besides doing what I love this summer

In between guests, I had time to explore,
from the Berkshires to the Beaches of Maine
Coming across amazing music, food and of course
stopping and looking at all things Nautical

It is hard to pick just three but thought I would put
on my OPRAH hat and share 3 of
K's Favorite Things

These adorable totes are made right in Portland Maine
from the company  Sea Bags
They are all unique and recycled from
salty aired,weathered sails, including some Americas Cup sails.

Just in case you were wondering, I have yet to
purchase this as a souviner, but....
There's still time

I am obsessed with the Ropes Of Maine
These beautiful preppy nautical and chic
bracelets are Maine Inspired and made
with marine rope and hardware
Ok I confess  I did treat myself to a couple of these.

But a girl can't have to many ropes ...
Just saying

But the Berkshires from
Mt Greylock to Tanglewood
may be my favorite
An area of true artistry and Beauty
A place to add to your list of favorite places
to see..

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ferry Boat Serenade

I have never been aboard a steamer
I am just content to be a dreamer
Even if I could afford a steamer
I will take the ferry boat every time

Maybe it was growing up on an Island

But just sitting on the dock
 or better yet
a summer ride on the Ferry 
brings back such warm memories
Memories of summer fun
Memories of the smells of the sea
Memories of shared laughter and friendships

So when I had the chance to go 
on the
 MailRun Ferry in Casco Bay
I was elated

A warm summer day, as I embark on 
a beautiful ferry ride to deliver the mail.

Watching historical sites emerge as we pass
 Numerous kayakers passing by
Families waving as the ferry brings letters and friends
for a summer adventure

everyone so excited for what was to come

But no one more excited than the Island Kids

as they wait patiently on the dock, sunkissed and eager
because their summer memories are made
each time the mail ferry leaves the dock
as he pulls safely away ,the hornblows and the
Island kids rush to catch the big wake ,
jumping off the dock,
squeals of laughter- the time of their lives..
I am reminded that no matter what Island
you get to live on, travel to or sail by
Memories are being made.

As the dog days of summer are upon us
Make a memory- it will last a lifetime

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Make a Wrong Turn Right

24 hours in Kennebunkport
I am so excited for a roadtrip
and my sense of direction is usually good
so one look at the map and I am off

What a beautiful drive through the Mohawk Trail
A stop to see how the Bridge of Flowers is Blooming

James Taylor (Listen while you read) cranked on the radio,
I want to be up on his music, because I am sure
I will see him this summer..

I wonder why the route doesn't seem familiar
Beautiful but not familiar- Why I am heading to Northern Vermont
Opps..Oh Well
I decided to enjoy the countryside. It has to connect somewhere

I know I have the gadgets IE: GPS but no service..Ummm

But as I roll along I see gardens,waterfalls and so much Americana
I may of taken the wrong turn but it must of been meant to be.

I get my compass back on track and am so thankful that I was able
to take a wrong turn and make it into a beautiful drive to my final destination

Quintessential Kennebunkport

St Annes Church-Stunning

Beach Picnic

And the Best Lobster in the world

So as roadtrips go
Maybe just once in your life
Take the road you are on and make it
worth it.