Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I get to do my Dream Job

So many times we dream of what we would love to be able to do. Be it an idea for a business that doesn't exist or a or just simply know what our strengths are and use them to create our own workplace.
I was able to do just that and now the adventure begins:

As I look back at how I came up with the idea of being and Interim Innsitter, taking over for InnKeepers or one day being one, it truly was an organic thought as I was driving home from visiting my daughter in Victoria BC. It was during a time that my life had taken a turn and I asked myself -How can I create the enjoyment that I was missing, the chance to travel, the chance to once again stay at amazing Bed and Breakfasts ..
IE: hence my goal to stay at 25 Relais Chateaus, all within a very limited budget and create a business that I love.

A 12 hour road trip, a thought and a plan all came to be INNSITTERINC.COM

Although I had to hit the pause button a few times and my life became fuller and brighter once again. I never left my dream. I am not a chef and I did not go to business school. I went to get a psychology degree. I guess I am using it . I look forward to everyday being different and challenging

Well tomorrow begins my new adventure- As I travel to the Berkshires to spend the next four months as Summer Innkeeper for The Inn on East Main Street. It feels right, I have always loved the romance of the B and B. Kinda like a Maeve Binchy novel or Nights of Rodanthe.

Although I am sure Richard Gere will not show up and it is not all romance . It is my dream job and I am getting to live it.

I have one concern and that is as a mom , my kids only knew that dinner was ready when the smoke alarm went off.. I hope that the guests will not have to wake up to the sound of the smoke alarm..LOL

So Please follow me on my adventure- I will be blogging from the Berkshire's

Thursday, May 9, 2013

To Be a Spectator

Lest we not forget. 

Earlier this week , I went to purchase a Boston Strong T-Shirt
I was told by the salesperson that they were not
going to carry them because the 
Urgency would be over soon.
I know that to not be true..

As I opened my FB today, I noticed a letter
that touched me and was written from the heart.

Went for my weekly long run this morning on tired legs. I was thinking they are never anything but tired for the IM marathon, so just run. As I was sort of feeling sorry for myself, my mind wandered to the victims of the Boston bombing. The part that has touched me so deeply is that most victims, if not all were spectators, supporters of runners. I have always felt that watching is such a thankless job. They are out there in the cold, rain,sun, wind for hours on end to catch a glimpse of their friend, spouse, mom, etc..who happens to be in the areana that day. I have a friend who I have know now for almst 40 years..we met at 18 in college. She has watched and cheered me at stadiums, on long lonely roads, and finish lines. She has stood in the rain for who knows how many hours cheerin...g. She is happy in victories, optimistic for the future in defeats, has helped heal me when broken..both physically and mentally. She is the one person who will always be there to support. She is just like those poor victims dead or in hospitals in Boston..they were there to support their runners. I just feel so bad for them and the challenges they are facing becasue of random evil. So maybe give an extra hug or glass of wine to your main supporter today. While we choose to enter the arena, they are the ones with real endurance.. to stick by us all those years, decades..I guess until the day comes when we cannot compete anymore, and then they will still be there

Being Brian"s athletic supporter for over 40 Years 
has been an honor . Thru College, Pro Football
countless marathons and now Ironman

My heart and thoughts go many times a day to the 
They were there to Just be a Spectator, 
They have now begun their own marathon of healing
In fact we are at sometimes on the same road,whether we are running or watching
Cheering or struggling
Progressing to the finish line
Make sure you keep your supporters in your thoughts
They will carry you over the finish line.

Thank You Brian for your words of Love today.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Thru the Lens of Humanity

Earlier this year I was challenged to
Look at things through the Lens of Humanity..
I have embraced that concept in many areas of my life.
It heightens your sensory perception of what you value
and more importantly what you see, that maybe others do not.

This weekend I was able to experience that in a different medium
I was invited to attend  my "Besties' photography show
of her trip to India
"Eye Contact"

I am blessed to be inspired by a creative woman
who sees life and captures moments thru the
Lens of Humanity

The pictures,taken on a recent trip to India
 tell a story,
I was moved  to look inside their eyes

They speak with out words, 
Pictures that whisper Hope

Hauntingly Beautiful

Waving Hello

And through the rubbles comes the beautiful smile

How these are captured is not only through only 
Lens but through ones heart.

I am Moved 
Thank you Linda 
for letting me share
Follow her amazing work

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Life takes hold of you some times and you sail along
Choosing to drift slowly with the waves,
letting the current take us to what we think is our destiny.

I have had the ups and downs of the swells of life
Sometimes rocking softly and just barely moving

Sometimes the waves deepen and I feel like 
the sprays of water and the depth of the wave is
a change in course I am being led to overcome.

The change of course for me is to follow my heart
I guess for myself, I don't shy away from deep water
and know that no matter what I choose, 
which wave I choose to ride, 

I will be anchored

An anchor that is teathered to me 
attached by Knots of the Heart

Taking a chance, changing course is an adventure .
 I know which ever way I decide to take on the waves of life
I am and always will be connected to those who I love and cherish
Like a Nautical rope that begins as a single strand 

Each wave of life wraps around and creates a beautiful knot.
It doesn't divide you but intertwines and weaves through you.
It symbolizes each tear, each laugh, each member of 
family that love you, friends that pray with you and creates a
rope of strengh.

I am so thankful for each knot in my life, securing me to family and friends.

A beautiful heartknot that tells the story

I"m Back

After taking a break to make some life changes that are exciting and to deal with some life changes that were sad . I am back and looking forward to sharing new adventures with you

With perfect timing, the blog challenge came up and I jumped on board.
Follow me and other great blogger share life, adventures and thoughts . It is going to be fun..