Monday, January 30, 2012


Have you been with a group of friends lately and the word "Pinterest " comes up.

Follow Me on Pinterest

They are all giddy and you wonder why.

Well you are missing out on the the best site on the web.
I call it my happy place and end up spending my quiet time cataloging great things I find on the web.

It is also a great place to find like minded Pinners with amazing talent and perspective.

I know- Can you believe that you have to be invited to get in but it is worth it.

So I thought I would share a few of my favorite "PINS"

Like This...

Where else would you find an image like this..

Or Share thoughts with friends...

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

Just put the Pin Button in your Bookmark bar - Create some boards and

Go to Your Happy Place- Pin Away

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Let's Go Out for Dinner!

Isn't it nice to still like going out to dinner with the same person for the last 36 years.

Friday is date Night- But it has taken us a week to decide where to go.

If I were on that show, "Best Thing I Ever Ate" I would have to say without a doubt the soft eggs and lobster bruschetta.  WOW literally out of this world.

But  We have decided to stay in our neighborhood..

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

 Tilia  Linden Hills   Second Choice

Everything about Tilia is just so quaint and adorable. I really like the numbered beer taps, precious!  The menu: gourmet without being pretentious.

Quick walk around the lake and we would be there...

But the Weather has changed...

So Finally we decided on our favorite once again
A "hidden" gem in the city, Pierre's is a little French Restaurant. Fabulous, luscious food in a quaint setting, you will fall in love. It did not disappoint.

Date Tip- Stay in the Neighborhood- Have a glass of wine at home and Walk to your Neighborhood Restaurant or in our case...
Source: via Karla on Pinterest

So even after 36 years - Dating is still fun - Nothing has changed

Even got excited because He said he had a question to ask me ?

My Heart Fluttered

 "Are You Treating Tonight"

Ok Some things have Changed...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

6 Pictures 6 Words

Who doesn't love a Challenge and I found one in Oprah's February Issue. I have always been told by a dear friend that everyone has a story and that I should take time to write mine.

Well this sounds much easier but after trying to put 6 words to 6 pictures maybe writing a novel would be easier.

I have never been one of few words ...but

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

Still Fit into High School Earrings

Music is my Lifetime Memory Maker

Sailing Away but Anchored by Friends

Eden  - The Light of My Life

Our Second Chance- The Right Decision

Sharing Lunch  Catching Up  Smiling Inside

Try It Let me Know

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Can You hear a Snowflake Falling ?

Old Man Winter has decided to show up .
Record Lows in Edmonton
Snow at my favorite Outdoor Market

As I think of family and friends in these two towns,
 I share my
 favorites that have kept me warm and cozy
through many a cold day.

Just Embrace and Enjoy

Remember nothing beats a warm fire

Add a Cup of Cocoa and Conversation

Who would you share this cup with ?
Remember Snuggles are mandatory.

With the snow just calling you to play
Don't forget the best,warmest snow boots.
 These have walked across a frozen lake and through many snow banks.
 Your going to love them

Don't say Ugg- They're amazing

But most importantly, remember to look up and see the beauty that the Lord has provided. 
Take time to just enjoy the solitude that comes with the quiet .
Can you hear the Snowflake falling?

Through all the cold and darkness
Beauty will show itself.
  Be Still
Embrace and Enjoy

Friday, January 13, 2012

Anchors of Friendship

As Saturday approaches, I always feel lonely at 9:00 Am
I have moved to Minneapolis, but my heart stays behind every Saturday Morning in crispy cold Edmonton Alberta.

My very Bestest friends , who are my true anchors in life are heading out for a Walk

What is unusual about this is these five women and always some extras are always there.
Annie, Mary,Aunti Donna,Pat,Peggy,Barb and Myself{when in town} have met for
15 years, every Saturday
to walk, cry.share,become grandmothers,lose sisters and brothers.Marry off kids and just talk about the weeks events.
 Their commitment to each other and dedication to friendship is as deep as an anchor . Each very special woman is unique and independent but not one of us is any thing but blessed because we are in each others lives.

Reconnect with those who Anchor You

I miss my friends but know I can meet you any Saturday that I visit .

Who is your anchor ?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday's Featherbed and Breakfast Retreats

Weekend Away tucked in the Canadian Rockies will warm your soul.

The Post Hotel- Lake Louise

Warmed by cozy fires , stunning views and amazing dinners.

Our family has so many fond memories of the Post Hotel and Lake Louise. A treasure in the Canadian Rockies

What better place to reconnect.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Great Place to Reconnect

Thoughts of a dreamy place to reconnec before you fall off the sleep. This was the beautiful and very Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Michigan. Romance and Grandeur is bountiful here. Sharing some personal photos of a visit to the Grand Hotel.

Or having the Horse Taxi take you down Main Street

Nothing is better than disconnecting on an Island with just bikes and horses for transportation in order to RECONNECT

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Conversation

You've probably wondered what ever happened to your best friend from junior high or maybe your high school sweetheart. Life takes people in different directions, and it's easy to lose touch with one another

Ever thought  about an old friend and missed the talks and the laughter. I have often thought of friends that I have shared laughter, tears and dreams with.I have wondered what we would say today if we were able to sit down and share stories and one more conversation. Would it be the start of a renewed friendship or just an I care what is going on chat. Either way, it will be worth it.

Pick a special place, pick up the phone or in these days of Social Networks look them up . Make time for them . Let them know their friendship matters.

I pick a quiet snowy night- a cozy blanket and a warm heart.

Wonder what we would share- A Moment 
Do it  it will  be worth it

 If this bench could share its stories- of lost  and Found Friends- What a story it could tell.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


As New Years Arrives , 
so does thoughts of what is new and exciting 
coming in 2012

Instead of making countless Resolutions
I choose a Word

2012 Word of the Year


Tune in to see What, Who and When I