Monday, February 20, 2012

Whimsical Weekend

Sometimes I wait for a little inspiration to start my weekly blog
 and Saturday the Postman brought it.

What better way to end the week then coming home to 
 The Mackenzie-Childs Catalog waiting for me.

So I settle in with a glass of wine and a delightful,whimsical catalog.

 Pure Relaxation. My newest Obsession. Courtly Checks...
What is more cheery than Courtly Checks intertwined throughout your house..
                                                          Saturday night is date night  

  we decided to go to the little neighborhood cafe for coffee .
     Now is the best part..
        Brian decided to bring the Mackenzie Childs Catalog, 
   without me knowing
         and as we shared dessert,
                     he humored me by us each picking out our favorite
               item on every page... 
    "That Ladies"
     is a date..
                   I know I'll not be serving dinner on this table any time soon


or sitting on this furniture, quite yet

    But it is nice to know that being COURTED can still...


Monday, February 13, 2012


Call me a hopeless romantic . I have been inspired
lately by 
Vintage Love Letters

And Love Notes
Who doesn't love a note...

It can be found ...
On Bedding
That I coveted until I got them..

On Lamps

A Love note will light up your Life..

The handwritten Love note is a thing of bygone years. 
A Love Note makes you wonder and dream
 about the emotion on the other end of the pen.. 
What were they feeling ? 
 Were they smiling as they scribed the note?

So on this Valentines Day
forgo the traditional Card

Pick up a pen 
Put that special thought
on a scented note
for your  Sweet Valentine

Remember to..
Seal It With A Kiss

It will be Special..



Source: via Kim on Pinterest

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Funny Valentine

 As Valentines Day approaches and we search for the best way to say
"I Love You"
I am reminded of "My Funny Valentine " 
gift that I received from a very special man

My Father in law...

His favorite saying
 "making a long story short"
so I will try.

As newlyweds,
we were heading to Hawaii for our honeymoon and 
 borrowed my Father in Law's

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

Once back from the Islands, pictures were developed and we headed on to our new life in Canada.

Except for one roll-
which he kindly was going to have developed and sent to me.
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Yes you can guess - On it was a picture of me in very little..
I was embarrassed by what was left ""Behind"

Jim was a discreet and a professional man , who had a hearty Irish Nature and a deep laugh..

So as my first Valentines Day as a married Mrs Kelly came around,

The Postman arrives with a beautiful package and a note

"Thought you wanted these pictures.. and thought you could use this"
Love Jim

It is the one Valentines Day Present that  still makes my heart smile and laugh out Loud.

Amazing that this now is on the Vintage Pages ..  It is the actual picture of the peignoir.
I guess true love is timeless.

What a Funny Valentine..I loved that man dearly and deeply

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

These Boots are made for Walking

            Julia Roberts
 wore them in Pretty Woman.

Kate Middleton wears them with everything...

There has been a debate in our house about how many
pairs one girl should have.

So I was inspired to share my reasoning to purchase
just 1 more pair...

Easy to defend 2 pairs of Winter Boots
I live in a cold climate
You need a spare pair while one dry"s out.

And the much coveted "Frye" Boot 
My defense
Who doesn't want a pair ?

And with winter almost over
Spring Rain brings out the Trusted and Dry
Most Stylish  Rain Boot...

But one must expand their Horizons and go for
Brown - The New Black

At this point- He has lost interest.. I think I am winning the fight

Ladies- The answer is 
You can Never have too many pairs..
Thats my story and I am heading out for 
my next 

Oh Yeah I forgot
 I think I have another pair
but don't tell him
He'll Never Know

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Game On... Stay and Play

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

No I am not there -
But it got me thinking of if I were visiting either New York or Boston where would I stay for a Super Experience.

New York has so many choices but A Kimpton Hotel never dissapoints

My Game Day Pick  in New York would be:

70 Park Avenue Hotel

The best part " The Silverleaf Tavern "
is where you can watch the game with locals..

Remember when you travel always meet where the locals meet..

Boston is a mecca of amazing Boutique Hotels
but if I had to choose one, it would be the..

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

The Newbury Guest House on Newbury Street
Both my visits there have been delightful ..
The best part is you are a walk away from some Great Irish Pubs to watch the Patriots
I guess I would find a stool , a cold beer and reason to Cheer at

Just around the corner..

But Minneapolis will have to be it for today..

Great food , Great friends and hopefully a good game..

Who am I cheering for-

Eli and the Giants..

Enjoy Superbowl Sunday