Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Have you ever had that one person or
friend that just stays connected 
even if you haven't seen them in ages
 Over the years or just  passing through.

Do you ever wonder what connected you.

Do you have a special connection that just feels right?
Did you ponder what it is that keeps you 
knitted tightly together..


Here are two little storys that will
hopefully make you 
remember -
"Stay Connected"
 I came across two very endearing
passages to share.. 
I hope you enjoy...

An ancient Chinese Proverb- 
When you read it 
it wil conjure up a 
memory or moment
.Who was that in your life?
What path is it

     The Invisible Red Thread

                                                      "An invisible red thread connects 
those destined to meet, 
regardless of time, place, or circumstances. 
The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.
"  -Ancient Chinese 

Two..An adoring and special bond 
between an Innkeeper and her Guest..

  " The Red Chair Travels"
The red chair became a symbol, 
a metaphor for connections made across invisible boundaries.

My fondness for Cape Cod and Small Inns brought me to this endearing Blog. 
Invite yourself to sit for a minute  -
 As it is said
.It is an open seat for reflection

What Bond ties you to that place or person..

Maybe you'll be reminded to reach out and Connect
You might change someones life...

Enjoy !!!
Follow the Red Chair as It Travels


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Love Spring

Spring Time 
I was blessed to grow up in Anacortes
and the 
Beautiful San Juan Islands
Spring is always blooming with colors of the Skagit Valley
The Fields abound with 
ribbons of Tulips and Daffodils
 Each Spring as the Tulips come into full 
The air is filled with the aroma of 
fresh turned dirt and sea air.
 Anyone growing up there
can't deny the pull of the 
Skagit Flats
with Mt Baker adding to the beauty

After a trip thru the Tulips
 head south to Pikes Place market.
You will be enchanted by the sounds,smells
 and personalities of the market
Fresh Crab
And a stop at the Mother - Ship
A perfect Northwest Day
Take some one you care about
Share your hometown with someone.
It will be a memory maker
Source: flickr.com via Kim on Pinterest
                HAPPY 1ST DAY OF SPRING

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kinda Irish

   I  Kinda feel Irish on this St Patricks Day

Married into an Irish Family
In fact when I first met my future Mother In Law
God Bless Her Soul..
She asked if I was Irish
Sorry - Ruth I didn't tell the whole truth
Kinda Irish

 4 Beautiful kids
 - all with Irish names:
Ryan,Katelyn,Alanna and Nolan
Our Beloved Dog
She was Sweet
Love Waterford


            But the best part of being
Kinda Irish,
besides Beer, Corn Beef and Cabbage
 and the Irish Rovers
Is a Beautiful Little Granddaughter-
 Who now I can sing
A little Irish Ditty to.

I guess its True
On St Patricks Day
Everyone is "Kinda Irish"
Source: twitter.com via Kim on Pinterest

Monday, March 5, 2012

Now Smell This

Bright,seductive and so many shapes.
Sultry, persuasive, romantic and oh so Expensive
No... Not Me!

If I were to be locked in Nordstroms over night
I would stay by the Perfume Counter and
simply try every scent on.

My New Favorite  Bond # 9
Infusing the sights and sounds of New York with Artistry
45 Different Scents-- 45 Different Bottles
Where do I begin
How do I choose

It made me wonder why I picked perfumes with certain notes.
Then I realized it all had to do with what ignites my memories..

Have you ever noticed how a certain smell can bring up the
most vivid memory, like opening a treasure chest of life.
4 Little Baby's. Intoxicating Simplicity
High School Dances and Romances
 Grandfather's Backyard and Pool
Summer Days living on a Island
and these are just a few..

So as I wander the aisles, in a very cheerful way!
 I smell like  the 10 tester bottles that I have applied.
I am smiling.
I smell the scents of my life
I am thankful