Sunday, April 15, 2012

Salt of the Sea

                                                          Sun, Sand, Salt - Shorts " Oh  No"
                                                                               But Wait
Sea Salt, Lavender and Essential Oils
Yes Please.
I have loved the combination since I
 was introduced to it on  
Beautiful Salt Spring Island...
Memories of walking down to
 the charming village
 and having the best massage ever ..
A mixture of Organic Sea Salt..                                                       
 Lavender from the farm down the road
and a holistic spa was like a walk to heaven..
 If you are ever lucky enough as I have been 
to visit Salt Spring Island in Canada
 A must stay at the
 Beautiful Hastings House 
The combination of staying at
 Hastings House 
and a Salt Scrub from a local
is amazing 

But as I sit in my living room 
I just have to create my own
 little bit of Salt Spring
 A trip to Whole Foods
A glass of chilled wine
My Own Lavender Sea Salt Scrub

Sea. Salt . Lavender
Have I forgot anything
" Oh Yeah"
One Essential Ingredient
Someone to apply with care!!!

EnJoy .. I Did

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