Tuesday, March 12, 2013


We all have a wee bit of Irish in us
Especially on March 17
But with the last name of Kelly
It is a day of tradition and celebration

As with all good Irish stories,
Mine began with a small fib
Telling my future mother-in-law
that I was part Irish, because that was a
reguirement for holding the title of Mrs Kelly

But once I snagged that and had 4 little Irish kids
I think she forgave me. A few Irish beers later,
a collection of Waterford and singing

I began upholding St Paddy's traditions,

Best part of the day "Green Eggs and Ham" for breakfast
 served up to start our day.

Well as we know The Irish aren't really known for their
cooking but I have gone from scrambled eggs to  

upgraded my cooking skills to a true Green Eggs and Ham
from my new favorite Cookbook

as well as

Corn beef and cabbage- a family recipe

But with keeping it real
the best part of St Patricks Day
Getting time to head down to the local pub
any way you can..

Like our own Irish lass is doing
and singing a few rounds with the Cheiftians
and of course

A few Pints of Green Beer

Happy St Patricks Day
for us all who have a 
Wee Bit of Irish in us..

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