Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Twas The Night Before Stroll

Twas the night before Stroll
Off to Nantucket I go
Shirts and Shorts left behind
But pACKed my Fur Stole

The Inns are all dressed from head to toe
In Holly and Ivy peeking through the snow
Christmas lights will glisten
on the cobblestone beneath
Even the Brant Point Lighthouse has a wreath

Santa arrives by Coast Guard Cutter
I am sure a sight to see
And in the center of town
a Magical Tree

 I travel this weekend to not only ignite the holiday spirit for myself but spread it to guests that will be staying at  The Sherburne Inn.
I look forward to creating memories for others through my hospitality and cooking but more importantly:
I look forward to experiencing the magic of this Faraway Island
To see the giant wreath on the lighthouse as we round the harbor, to see the boats, their masts all aglow with bright shining lights and colorful trees.
To experience the heartfelt joy that the locals will spread as they share their food,their crafts and their island with myself and the many that come to Stroll.

Let The Adventure Begin

The Nantucket Stroll is here

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