Monday, July 7, 2014

Traveling Solo and Loving It - Tales of a Traveling Innkeeper

As a professional Interim Innkeeper, I travel alone a lot.
I have been asked by family,friends and even guest of the inns I
sit for if it is safe, do I get lonely, how do I go out for dinner alone.

Well the truth is, even though I love vacations and trips with family,
I love the adventure of traveling alone. Just packing the car and heading
off to a new location to INNSIT or taking a plane to see family and staying
in the city nearby for a few days is full of fun , surprises and new explorations.

There is something to be said of a woman over 50 feeling confident and empowered
 enough to pack up and adventure out of her surrounds to discover new places and freedoms.

If you are still wondering if Solo Travel is for you .
I have 4 reasons and tips that will help you make the decision.

1. Ever wanted to have a day by yourself.
Imagine getting to have just one more cup of coffee or linger in that bookstore a little longer.
While traveling alone- You Get To. Sometimes traveling with 2 or more, you feel obligated to
stay together or be on a schedule-  Traveling Solo you get to have your schedule or not.

2. Sleeping in Solitude
When I travel alone, safety is key. For me I choose to stay in either small Inns (of course)
or small boutique hotels. As I have traveled across the US in a car- many times, I prebook
so I know where I am going.
TIP - When booking a small hotel- become a loyal member, it is usually free but when you arrive
they welcome you as if they know you. I am a huge fan of Kimpton Hotels and they are my go to because they have a great loyalty program and as as solo traveler and woman, I just feel like I belong
If not - I stay at Bed and Breakfasts - cost saving too because of Bed and Breakfast. YUM

3. Just say Hello over Dinner.
Traveling solo is an adventure and part of that is the sights and smells of the local food scene.
Whether I am in Nantucket or Seattle- The restaurants might be booked but I have always found good conversation and a seat for one at the bar. Most awesome restaurants will serve a full menu at the bar and you will not feel like you a alone- If all else fails, the bartender will talk to you. LOL
TIP - Put down your phone or don't even think about taking out your book. Remember you are there for the experience. I have meet people from all walks of life from a simple HELLO.

4. Discover Yourself on a Random Scout
  It is true that when you travel alone, you might have to pull over and discover where you
are. Getting lost is part of the fun. There are many times where I wandered off because I thought that is where I should be and have found a little antique shop or a lakeside town full of Mansions. Better yet I have found that Local Eatery that serves the best Lobstah Roll. OK maybe getting lost isn't on your list but

Experiencing life through a Solo Travelers eyes is rewarding, exhilarating and a bit rebellious
As Summer of 2014 is here- take a day trip, take a road trip but set out on an adventure.

Wanderlust  A Strong Desire to travel and explore the World
Where are you going? What is your Wanderlust Place
Go Find It...  

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