Sunday, October 4, 2015

So Plaid I am Back

Many think that Spring is the season for rebirth - starting over - beginning anew.
But for me, it is Fall that aspires me to refresh, renew and remmeber what I love about many things, including blogging again.

It brings memories of football games and hot apple cider. It evokes feelings of gathering together to prepare for what is next to come. Be it winter or life.

So as the leaves swirl about, my spirit begins to flutter in the wind .
Time again to share and inspire. Time to blog again.

Fall brings change in the color of the leaves and change within myself.
Change for many of us is something that we don't always welcome but for some reason
the flutter of the leaves in the wind and the brisk air is welcomed by all.

Fall, with is bounty of colors, red, orange, sienna and gold covers us like a warm blanket, providing warmth and comfort from the judgement of others or from the world in which we sometimes do not understand.  It brings a cuddle when we are alone or a apple to share a laugh with a friend.

It is the season of traditions, touchdowns and togetherness.
It is what I strive to be to others : warm, inviting, caring and gracious.

 Fall is upon us - I welcome it like a warm sweater. I cherish the cool days to write
 and share life as it changes. There are books to be read, fires to be light and stories to tell.
Like the fabrics of the season, plaid, flannel and cashmere - I too hope to bring warmth to your days with my new focus on sharing my blog once again.

So Plaid I am Back!!

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