Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kinda Irish

   I  Kinda feel Irish on this St Patricks Day

Married into an Irish Family
In fact when I first met my future Mother In Law
God Bless Her Soul..
She asked if I was Irish
Sorry - Ruth I didn't tell the whole truth
Kinda Irish

 4 Beautiful kids
 - all with Irish names:
Ryan,Katelyn,Alanna and Nolan
Our Beloved Dog
She was Sweet
Love Waterford


            But the best part of being
Kinda Irish,
besides Beer, Corn Beef and Cabbage
 and the Irish Rovers
Is a Beautiful Little Granddaughter-
 Who now I can sing
A little Irish Ditty to.

I guess its True
On St Patricks Day
Everyone is "Kinda Irish"
Source: via Kim on Pinterest

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