Monday, March 5, 2012

Now Smell This

Bright,seductive and so many shapes.
Sultry, persuasive, romantic and oh so Expensive
No... Not Me!

If I were to be locked in Nordstroms over night
I would stay by the Perfume Counter and
simply try every scent on.

My New Favorite  Bond # 9
Infusing the sights and sounds of New York with Artistry
45 Different Scents-- 45 Different Bottles
Where do I begin
How do I choose

It made me wonder why I picked perfumes with certain notes.
Then I realized it all had to do with what ignites my memories..

Have you ever noticed how a certain smell can bring up the
most vivid memory, like opening a treasure chest of life.
4 Little Baby's. Intoxicating Simplicity
High School Dances and Romances
 Grandfather's Backyard and Pool
Summer Days living on a Island
and these are just a few..

So as I wander the aisles, in a very cheerful way!
 I smell like  the 10 tester bottles that I have applied.
I am smiling.
I smell the scents of my life
I am thankful 

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