Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Walk with me to the Sea

Take my hand and come walk with me
down towards the enchanting sea.
I'll run laughing across the sand.
You'll just smile 'cause you understand. 

Watch the sun kiss the rising sea,
trembling sparkles of ecstasy.
Waves break, simmer, and then renew,
just as sometimes a heart can do. 

I walked the full length of the beach until
I found the most beautiful seashell.

Maybe it was growing up on the most beautiful Island
Deception Pass
Maybe it is the memories of walking the beaches and "Just Thinkin"

I am drawn to the Sea- 
From Anacortes to Nantucket.
Seaglass shines,Ocean reeds sing and Driftwood just waits to be whittled

But Nothing is more enchanting than the 
As you bring it close to me ear
And the rushing ocean roars,I listen close
It Whispers to me.
"Come ,Walk with me to the Sea"

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