Sunday, May 27, 2012

Every Park Bench has a story..

It always amazes me when something touches my heart and it is so unexpected.
Today, on the eve of Memorial Day, we head to one of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota to just have a bite to eat, and sit by the dock of the bay on Lake Minnetonka
We chose a bench near the waters edge and were enjoying the families,boats and sunshine,
A gentleman approaches and asks if he might look at the inscription on the bench that we had chosen to sit on.
As we move to the side so he can read it, there was a look in his eyes that told a story.
I asked if he knew the young man and he answered..
                          "He is my son".
My heart was suddenly saddened by this strangers loss. 
He said he was there because his wife thought the bench might need a sprucing up.

How many times do we just chose to sit on a bench with an inscription
 or an initialed heart etched in it and not take the time to reflect on the story that came before us.
As the man walked away, as not to bother us, I felt his heart needing to sit on the bench.
We gathered our things and walked slowly back to the car
I glanced back to see the gentleman and his wife at  the bench.
It was a reminder to take the time to read and refelct on those that came and went before us.

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