Sunday, July 1, 2012

O" Canada

July 1 brings the celebration of Canada Day.
As I reflect, I am nothing but grateful for the years that I lived in Canada
There are many things to share
There are so many firsts..So many moments of Pride
My first years as a true Athletic Supporter..

My first time being a Mom

and stopping, Thank God. after having
4 truly Canadian Kids

First trips to Jasper and Lake Louise
The beauty that is amazingly majestic as you enter the Parks

Family Camping at Pine Bungelows,
Don't go out in the woods alone
Pine Bungalow Cabins
First time meeting Friends that I will have for ever-
All truly Canadian

Source: via Jan on Pinterest

As an American
I grew to love Canada as my own Country
It Mountains became blankets of Love

Its culture became a lifestyle and it became home.
Your Beauty is forever engrained in my heart...

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

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