Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Make a Wrong Turn Right

24 hours in Kennebunkport
I am so excited for a roadtrip
and my sense of direction is usually good
so one look at the map and I am off

What a beautiful drive through the Mohawk Trail
A stop to see how the Bridge of Flowers is Blooming

James Taylor (Listen while you read) cranked on the radio,
I want to be up on his music, because I am sure
I will see him this summer..

I wonder why the route doesn't seem familiar
Beautiful but not familiar- Why I am heading to Northern Vermont
Opps..Oh Well
I decided to enjoy the countryside. It has to connect somewhere

I know I have the gadgets IE: GPS but no service..Ummm

But as I roll along I see gardens,waterfalls and so much Americana
I may of taken the wrong turn but it must of been meant to be.

I get my compass back on track and am so thankful that I was able
to take a wrong turn and make it into a beautiful drive to my final destination

Quintessential Kennebunkport

St Annes Church-Stunning

Beach Picnic

And the Best Lobster in the world

So as roadtrips go
Maybe just once in your life
Take the road you are on and make it
worth it.

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