Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ferry Boat Serenade

I have never been aboard a steamer
I am just content to be a dreamer
Even if I could afford a steamer
I will take the ferry boat every time

Maybe it was growing up on an Island

But just sitting on the dock
 or better yet
a summer ride on the Ferry 
brings back such warm memories
Memories of summer fun
Memories of the smells of the sea
Memories of shared laughter and friendships

So when I had the chance to go 
on the
 MailRun Ferry in Casco Bay
I was elated

A warm summer day, as I embark on 
a beautiful ferry ride to deliver the mail.

Watching historical sites emerge as we pass
 Numerous kayakers passing by
Families waving as the ferry brings letters and friends
for a summer adventure

everyone so excited for what was to come

But no one more excited than the Island Kids

as they wait patiently on the dock, sunkissed and eager
because their summer memories are made
each time the mail ferry leaves the dock
as he pulls safely away ,the hornblows and the
Island kids rush to catch the big wake ,
jumping off the dock,
squeals of laughter- the time of their lives..
I am reminded that no matter what Island
you get to live on, travel to or sail by
Memories are being made.

As the dog days of summer are upon us
Make a memory- it will last a lifetime

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