Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cashmere and Cocoa

The leaves are dancing in the air
falling lightly on the ground below

The wind is whistling through the trees
clearing the limbs for a blanket of snow

Inside, we dress the house for holidays
Candlelit rooms all aglow

With the weather turning cold
What warms you?

Cashmere to wrap up in?
Cocoa in front of a crackling fire?
Cashmere and Cocoa

The touch of warm hands entwined,
laughing, sharing and rekindling.
Nothing is more important than warmth
during this season of reconnection.

 What wraps my heart up 
with more warmth than
 cashmere and cocoa
The infectious smile of a child

As the season of Sharing comes upon us
Remember to share your warmth with others
Rekindle your love of being warm, inside and out
Take time to see a child smile..
Wrap up in Warmth

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