Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Those Who traveled the Roads of The Berkshires

As I traveled through the Berkshires this summer
My thoughts often went to those who
had traveled these roads before me.

As I drive along Historic Route 7
In Beautiful Vermont, I pass
The Summer Home of Lincoln

The Stone cottage of Robert Frost
and the quaint village of Arlington,Vt
where Norman Rockwell would find
locals to sit for his paintings.

As I get closer to Lenox, MA
long before Tanglewood
Herman Melville and Nathaniel Hawthorne
would take long walks and discuss life
as they both wrote amazing literary works
"Moby Dick" and "The Scarlett Letter
As they meet at Monument Mountain,
they would picnic and share thoughts.
Just Imagine those conversations

But not to be out done
Edith Wharton built the "Mount"
and wrote such books as
The Age of Innocence and The Buccaneers

The solitude and the beauty of the Berkshires
creates a background that makes one want to
discover the words of these Great Americans

What books have you read that have been
influenced by the Beauty of the Berkshires?

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