Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow Way to Keep a Triathlete Busy in off Season

Sundays for most are relaxing
Sundays are for sleeping in
Sundays are for late coffee in the morning
You live with a Triathlete in the offseason

Nothing like waking up to that sweet voice
on Sunday Morning -
"Just got off my bike after 2 hours"
"What do You want to do today?"
My answer-"Sleep In"

 I decide to be a good TRI Bitch
 Now I am up and making Cinnamon Buns
That should distract him for a couple hours

9:00 Am
Perfect - Olympics are on
This should satisfy his workout cravings
What -- 3 Hours of Ice Dancing
I , The Tri supporter is in trouble

9:30 Am
Thank Goodness
He discovers that House Of Cards is on Netflix
I see one more cup of coffee in my morning
And an excuse to run to the store

11:00 Am
The Dreaded words " I am Bored "
Did I forget to say that it is dead of Winter
and 16 degrees outside

How kind of him to suggest we go for a walk 
Living around a lake in the training season is such
a blessing.
Today the 3 1/2 mile walk is

I am enticed to go out of my warm home
by the promise of a stop at a little coffee shop
and walking through the neighborhood with
cute shops and bookstores.
He is very thoughtful
Except - well we picked up the pace and forgot to go inside to meander
But we were on Pace.

4:00 PM
The words I wait to hear on Sundays
Happened just about 2 blocks from home
"Well I am Done for the Day"

I am proud of his passion and his dedication to his hobby
I am thankful I can go for a walk with him
I will be more thankful when the days are warmer
When Spring comes and Training Season is here once again

Wait did The GroundHog See his Shadow?

Oh Well .. I guess it is only 6 weeks away

Breathe Deeply

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