Monday, September 22, 2014

A Tourist in My own Hometown

A trip to my hometown of Anacortes,Wa was truely a Ferrytale
I came back home for my 40 class reunion to revisit, reconnect and reunite with classmates and the beauty of the San Juan Islands.

Growing up in this beautiful island (Fildago Island) was like growing up in the enchanted forest with its stunning landscapes and mezmerizing views of the Puget Sound.

Not only is Anacortes rich in seafarer and fishing history, you will find an open kindness and friendliness from the locals. You will be treated to mouth watering cusine and luxurious accomodations.
Seafood right off the boats and eateries that reflect the flavor and
taste of the people of Anacortes. A must stop is Geri Deli for a sandwich,Calico Cupboard for a cinnamon bun not to be missed and Anthony's Cap Santefor an outdoor fireside bar with a stunning harbor view to eat, drink and be merry.

My stay in Anacortes began at the Majestic Inn and Spa in Old Town

While growing up it was an retail store but with careful restoration it has been transformed into a pillar of the city. The owners have mixed old history with new amenities from the stunning entrance and the carved staircase to the comfort of the modern 52 rooms. Most rooms have some water views.
I was welcomed by a friendly and gracious staff and treated to a room that overlooked Cap Sante.

From the rooms to the resturants and the rooftop bar-
the Majestic Inn and Spa is truely majestic. A must stay
if you are staying downtown and enjoying the historic town of Anacortes.

Coming home to some can be a dissapointment because of changes
or circumstances but this visit exceeded every expectation I had.
With every hello to each genuine hug to just a simple drive to a
sacred spot that held many memories- Anacortes will not and did not dissapoint.
Now that I have shared my little secret spot in the Pacific Northwest, you must be sworn to travel secrecy. It is a hidden gem only to be discovered by those who truly appreciate beauty.
I do- Can't wait to visit again

My Apron travels next to San Juan Island..

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