Friday, September 12, 2014

ReUnited - 40th Class Reunion

Was it the trepidation of a visit to my hometown or seeing classmates after 40 years. Both were creating a wave of anticipation and excitement as I traveled to the beautiful Fidalgo Island and Anacortes to take part in a weekend of gatherings for the Class of 1974
I was about to be reunited with classmates from all walks of life. Fisherman, Business exec, creators, game changers were about to embark on 3 days of sharing their lives with 120 classmates 40 years later.

As I enter town, a flood of emotion comes over me as I turn the corner on to Commercial Ave. The sheer beauty of Anacortes,Wa takes my breathe away.

Memories of listening to Bachman-Turner -Overdrive with the friends I was going to see made me smile. I know some classmates arrived with anxiety and uncertainty but that quickly went away as
Friday night came with a gathering of classmates only at the local H20 Bar.

The amazing committee had done their homework and with a little help from friends more than 60 alumni were welcomed with open arms, handshakes and even a few girl shrieks. Yes, after 40 years girls can still shriek when seeing an old friend.
How quick we revert from professional to high school.
Now that it is over, people can go back to their real names but some will always be Kandi,Bimbi and Suzy to me

From a beachhouse welcome, to a walk along the loop in Washington Park,  finding a special classmate who was reflecting on the bench, it was evident that 40 years had softened us all. Compassion, healing, acceptance and genuine care for each other was so evident . It was clear that life had granted us this time to show our deep appreciation for the friends that we had lost connections with over time.
The reacquaintance brought laughter - even the deep silly - gonna wet your pants kind, it brought tears of compassion for classmates that needed hugs and acceptance.
Love, the kind of love that you share with those who you have known for years but distance and life had seperated you, was in the air.
 Deep Pure Acceptance Love

We had grown up. Life had been good to us, but not without challenges and struggles. We all cherished our time together to reconnect, be refreshed and find laughter in 3 days of events.
But it was with somber thoughts that we also missed not only those who couldn't attend but those whom had left us on this earth. 14 souls were missed and acknowledged by a beautiful SONG sung by a classmate Brian and a slideshow presented by Suzanne. Classmates sat a little closer to loved ones, held hands with old friends and shed a tear in rememberance..We lost them too early but I truly felt they were sharing that precious moment with us.
(Please click on SONG link to hear this beautiful song)

Whether is was the cocktail party, the gala event or the final goodbye at the park, the friendships were rekindled, the reconnections had been made and talk of not waiting so long for the next one warmed everyones heart. Well and with a little help from Wes and his amazing food. 

I could continue but the truth was we all took the time, and it was fun. It was due in part to the organizing committee which made this possible- They are the glue to this incredible event but mainly because of the effort to stay in touch with the past and watch where the future will take us all.

So if you get an invite to your 40th class reunion, my reccommendation is that you pull on your Spanx (or not), color in your eyebrows (yes even the ladies) and just Let it Go .. Enjoy 
It truly was the time of our lives.

This is dedicated to each member of AHS Class of 1974

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  1. A wonderful description of a fantastic weekend. I am still smiling. Being "Kandy" for the weekend didn't bother me a bit! Thanks, Kim, for telling about it in such a beautiful way.