Friday, March 20, 2015

Hands of Time. Ageless Perfection

Wait. When did that happen!!
Today as I sit in a serene setting in Northern California waiting for a Pedicure, I do what most of us do. I try the product and then stepped  outside to wait and drink my coffee.
Looking down at the hand that holds that cup. It happened
Wait when did that happen?My once youthful hands show signs of age, wear and tear. I begin to feel a bit sad and wonder where did they go. When did that happen. 
And then I thought. What a life they have had. 
These digits, as the youth of today call them,have had an adventurous life right along side me. 
They have held 4 beautiful babies,guided them on to their own path some 33 years later. The hands of little grand babies curled around my fingers filled with trust and love.They have worked on careers with me each and every day. They didn't disappoint when I needed them to cook or clean.They have wiped dirty faces and many tears. A lot of those my own.  
But most of all they held the hand of the man I love and married. Twice   
Same wonderful hands entwined twice.

So I guess that is when it happened.
Through much history,much love and laughter they have earned their age spots and thinning wrinkles.
So as I make my way to my Spa treatment, I stop, take another pump of the glittering bronzer and treat my hands to a little sparkle. 
They deserve it.  
And So it Happened 


  1. Just lovely Kimberly. How long will you be in the area? Maybe we could meet gor coffee.

  2. that was lovely - reminds my of appreciating my laugh lines because they came from a good place. It would be nice to have the experiences without the side effects but that's life :)