Saturday, February 14, 2015

This Lamp is a Love Story

'“Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.”

― Anne Lamott

It sits in the window
catching a ray of light
glistening through its crystal cuts

It glows at night
watching and waiting
always illuminating
until you return safely

It is a long story- aren't they all!
Its travel began in Ireland in the town of Waterford
purchased by my very Irish Mother In Law and brought
to California to shine brightly in their stately home for many years.

Gifted to me after her passing- I cherished its history.
The stories it coud tell
The only place for it was in a corner window,
watching over our family as we grew, lived and changed

The Light was always on -
In good times it shone bright
In sad times, it was a beacon to bring love back through the door
The hope never dimming

It was broken
Shattered and not to be lit again...
The lamp that guided me and - and my heart.

But I wouldn't let my heart go dark- There was always a
glimmer of hope and love was going to win.

Fast forward to Christmas 2014 -
Dinner with the love of my life.
Love had healed wounds and returned.
Our hearts filled with  joy and contentment.

We sat in our favorite quiet cozy table with the snow falling softly.
Candles flickering and reflecting off our wine glasses.
Brian leaned over and  handed me a card and as I read it - I cried
Not out of sadness but pure joy
His love illuminated my heart - His gift illuminated my hope.

The gift:
He had found the exact lamp in Ireland 
The lamp would  once again be in the corner window -
Beaconing and lighting the way for our love to shine.
For future Kelly's to always be guided home to family

Oh The Stories this lamp will tell-
Now back where it belongs

My heart is full
Hope will always shine through when you believe in it enough

Always find your way home  We did..

Happy Valentines Day