Monday, February 20, 2012

Whimsical Weekend

Sometimes I wait for a little inspiration to start my weekly blog
 and Saturday the Postman brought it.

What better way to end the week then coming home to 
 The Mackenzie-Childs Catalog waiting for me.

So I settle in with a glass of wine and a delightful,whimsical catalog.

 Pure Relaxation. My newest Obsession. Courtly Checks...
What is more cheery than Courtly Checks intertwined throughout your house..
                                                          Saturday night is date night  

  we decided to go to the little neighborhood cafe for coffee .
     Now is the best part..
        Brian decided to bring the Mackenzie Childs Catalog, 
   without me knowing
         and as we shared dessert,
                     he humored me by us each picking out our favorite
               item on every page... 
    "That Ladies"
     is a date..
                   I know I'll not be serving dinner on this table any time soon


or sitting on this furniture, quite yet

    But it is nice to know that being COURTED can still...


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