Friday, January 13, 2012

Anchors of Friendship

As Saturday approaches, I always feel lonely at 9:00 Am
I have moved to Minneapolis, but my heart stays behind every Saturday Morning in crispy cold Edmonton Alberta.

My very Bestest friends , who are my true anchors in life are heading out for a Walk

What is unusual about this is these five women and always some extras are always there.
Annie, Mary,Aunti Donna,Pat,Peggy,Barb and Myself{when in town} have met for
15 years, every Saturday
to walk, cry.share,become grandmothers,lose sisters and brothers.Marry off kids and just talk about the weeks events.
 Their commitment to each other and dedication to friendship is as deep as an anchor . Each very special woman is unique and independent but not one of us is any thing but blessed because we are in each others lives.

Reconnect with those who Anchor You

I miss my friends but know I can meet you any Saturday that I visit .

Who is your anchor ?

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