Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Can You hear a Snowflake Falling ?

Old Man Winter has decided to show up .
Record Lows in Edmonton
Snow at my favorite Outdoor Market

As I think of family and friends in these two towns,
 I share my
 favorites that have kept me warm and cozy
through many a cold day.

Just Embrace and Enjoy

Remember nothing beats a warm fire

Add a Cup of Cocoa and Conversation

Who would you share this cup with ?
Remember Snuggles are mandatory.

With the snow just calling you to play
Don't forget the best,warmest snow boots.
 These have walked across a frozen lake and through many snow banks.
 Your going to love them

Don't say Ugg- They're amazing

But most importantly, remember to look up and see the beauty that the Lord has provided. 
Take time to just enjoy the solitude that comes with the quiet .
Can you hear the Snowflake falling?

Through all the cold and darkness
Beauty will show itself.
  Be Still
Embrace and Enjoy

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