Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Conversation

You've probably wondered what ever happened to your best friend from junior high or maybe your high school sweetheart. Life takes people in different directions, and it's easy to lose touch with one another

Ever thought  about an old friend and missed the talks and the laughter. I have often thought of friends that I have shared laughter, tears and dreams with.I have wondered what we would say today if we were able to sit down and share stories and one more conversation. Would it be the start of a renewed friendship or just an I care what is going on chat. Either way, it will be worth it.

Pick a special place, pick up the phone or in these days of Social Networks look them up . Make time for them . Let them know their friendship matters.

I pick a quiet snowy night- a cozy blanket and a warm heart.

Wonder what we would share- A Moment 
Do it  it will  be worth it

 If this bench could share its stories- of lost  and Found Friends- What a story it could tell.

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