Saturday, January 28, 2012

Let's Go Out for Dinner!

Isn't it nice to still like going out to dinner with the same person for the last 36 years.

Friday is date Night- But it has taken us a week to decide where to go.

If I were on that show, "Best Thing I Ever Ate" I would have to say without a doubt the soft eggs and lobster bruschetta.  WOW literally out of this world.

But  We have decided to stay in our neighborhood..

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

 Tilia  Linden Hills   Second Choice

Everything about Tilia is just so quaint and adorable. I really like the numbered beer taps, precious!  The menu: gourmet without being pretentious.

Quick walk around the lake and we would be there...

But the Weather has changed...

So Finally we decided on our favorite once again
A "hidden" gem in the city, Pierre's is a little French Restaurant. Fabulous, luscious food in a quaint setting, you will fall in love. It did not disappoint.

Date Tip- Stay in the Neighborhood- Have a glass of wine at home and Walk to your Neighborhood Restaurant or in our case...
Source: via Karla on Pinterest

So even after 36 years - Dating is still fun - Nothing has changed

Even got excited because He said he had a question to ask me ?

My Heart Fluttered

 "Are You Treating Tonight"

Ok Some things have Changed...

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