Tuesday, February 7, 2012

These Boots are made for Walking

            Julia Roberts
 wore them in Pretty Woman.

Kate Middleton wears them with everything...

There has been a debate in our house about how many
pairs one girl should have.

So I was inspired to share my reasoning to purchase
just 1 more pair...

Easy to defend 2 pairs of Winter Boots
I live in a cold climate
You need a spare pair while one dry"s out.

And the much coveted "Frye" Boot 
My defense
Who doesn't want a pair ?

And with winter almost over
Spring Rain brings out the Trusted and Dry
Most Stylish  Rain Boot...

But one must expand their Horizons and go for
Brown - The New Black

At this point- He has lost interest.. I think I am winning the fight

Ladies- The answer is 
You can Never have too many pairs..
Thats my story and I am heading out for 
my next 

Oh Yeah I forgot
 I think I have another pair
but don't tell him
He'll Never Know

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