Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Funny Valentine

 As Valentines Day approaches and we search for the best way to say
"I Love You"
I am reminded of "My Funny Valentine " 
gift that I received from a very special man

My Father in law...

His favorite saying
 "making a long story short"
so I will try.

As newlyweds,
we were heading to Hawaii for our honeymoon and 
 borrowed my Father in Law's

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

Once back from the Islands, pictures were developed and we headed on to our new life in Canada.

Except for one roll-
which he kindly was going to have developed and sent to me.
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Yes you can guess - On it was a picture of me in very little..
I was embarrassed by what was left ""Behind"

Jim was a discreet and a professional man , who had a hearty Irish Nature and a deep laugh..

So as my first Valentines Day as a married Mrs Kelly came around,

The Postman arrives with a beautiful package and a note

"Thought you wanted these pictures.. and thought you could use this"
Love Jim

It is the one Valentines Day Present that  still makes my heart smile and laugh out Loud.

Amazing that this now is on the Vintage Pages ..  It is the actual picture of the peignoir.
I guess true love is timeless.

What a Funny Valentine..I loved that man dearly and deeply

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