Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Life takes hold of you some times and you sail along
Choosing to drift slowly with the waves,
letting the current take us to what we think is our destiny.

I have had the ups and downs of the swells of life
Sometimes rocking softly and just barely moving

Sometimes the waves deepen and I feel like 
the sprays of water and the depth of the wave is
a change in course I am being led to overcome.

The change of course for me is to follow my heart
I guess for myself, I don't shy away from deep water
and know that no matter what I choose, 
which wave I choose to ride, 

I will be anchored

An anchor that is teathered to me 
attached by Knots of the Heart

Taking a chance, changing course is an adventure .
 I know which ever way I decide to take on the waves of life
I am and always will be connected to those who I love and cherish
Like a Nautical rope that begins as a single strand 

Each wave of life wraps around and creates a beautiful knot.
It doesn't divide you but intertwines and weaves through you.
It symbolizes each tear, each laugh, each member of 
family that love you, friends that pray with you and creates a
rope of strengh.

I am so thankful for each knot in my life, securing me to family and friends.

A beautiful heartknot that tells the story

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