Monday, May 6, 2013

Thru the Lens of Humanity

Earlier this year I was challenged to
Look at things through the Lens of Humanity..
I have embraced that concept in many areas of my life.
It heightens your sensory perception of what you value
and more importantly what you see, that maybe others do not.

This weekend I was able to experience that in a different medium
I was invited to attend  my "Besties' photography show
of her trip to India
"Eye Contact"

I am blessed to be inspired by a creative woman
who sees life and captures moments thru the
Lens of Humanity

The pictures,taken on a recent trip to India
 tell a story,
I was moved  to look inside their eyes

They speak with out words, 
Pictures that whisper Hope

Hauntingly Beautiful

Waving Hello

And through the rubbles comes the beautiful smile

How these are captured is not only through only 
Lens but through ones heart.

I am Moved 
Thank you Linda 
for letting me share
Follow her amazing work

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