Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I get to do my Dream Job

So many times we dream of what we would love to be able to do. Be it an idea for a business that doesn't exist or a or just simply know what our strengths are and use them to create our own workplace.
I was able to do just that and now the adventure begins:

As I look back at how I came up with the idea of being and Interim Innsitter, taking over for InnKeepers or one day being one, it truly was an organic thought as I was driving home from visiting my daughter in Victoria BC. It was during a time that my life had taken a turn and I asked myself -How can I create the enjoyment that I was missing, the chance to travel, the chance to once again stay at amazing Bed and Breakfasts ..
IE: hence my goal to stay at 25 Relais Chateaus, all within a very limited budget and create a business that I love.

A 12 hour road trip, a thought and a plan all came to be INNSITTERINC.COM

Although I had to hit the pause button a few times and my life became fuller and brighter once again. I never left my dream. I am not a chef and I did not go to business school. I went to get a psychology degree. I guess I am using it . I look forward to everyday being different and challenging

Well tomorrow begins my new adventure- As I travel to the Berkshires to spend the next four months as Summer Innkeeper for The Inn on East Main Street. It feels right, I have always loved the romance of the B and B. Kinda like a Maeve Binchy novel or Nights of Rodanthe.

Although I am sure Richard Gere will not show up and it is not all romance . It is my dream job and I am getting to live it.

I have one concern and that is as a mom , my kids only knew that dinner was ready when the smoke alarm went off.. I hope that the guests will not have to wake up to the sound of the smoke alarm..LOL

So Please follow me on my adventure- I will be blogging from the Berkshire's

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